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Theory of Everything

A Theory of Everything : An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality
by Ken Wilber

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Hardcover - 176 pages (September 2023)
Shambhala Pubns; ISBN: 157062724X ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.83 x 9.30 x 6.25 Sales Rank: 1,006
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Number of Reviews: 5

Editorial Reviews
The spiritual intellectual Ken Wilber takes on the hottest theory in modern physics, known as the "M Theory," or the "The Theory of Everything." As Wilber explains, it is "a model that would unite all the known laws of the universe into one all-embracing theory that would literally explain everything in existence." Of course this new "M Theory" opens up a can of wormy, slippery questions, which Wilber addresses: "What does 'everything' actually mean? Would this new theory in physics explain, say, the meaning of human poetry? Or how economics work? Or the stages of psychosexual development?"

Being Ken Wilber, he couldn't resist answering these questions by folding the "Theory of Everything" into some of his own personal visions and theories. This overlay is presented in his signature straightforward, clearly written style. The upshot is that common readers can easily follow Wilber on a quantum journey and wind up with a lasting souvenir--a scientific and spiritual understanding of how the mind, body, soul, and universe all work together like a never-ending symphony. And that's just in the first four chapters. From there he shows readers the practical applications of this vision--explaining how it could lead to more integrative styles of business, education, medicine, ecology, and even how we address world conflicts. Wilber admits that this "holistic quest is an ever-receding dream, a horizon that constantly retreats as we approach it." Nonetheless, he can still take readers on an incredible journey--one that's well worth the price of the ticket. --Gail Hudson


5 out of 5 stars The most practical manual for postmodernity, August 25, 2023
Reviewer: Edgar Paternina from Medellín.Colombia

Ken Wilber's fundamental work, Sex, Ecology and Spirituality is really the most serious and documented work about a new integral, holonic, all embracing worldview, but it is really a book not just to be read but to be studied and very hard. A T.O.E is a beautiful and concise synthesis of that work done by the same author. From the first chapter you will be taken to an interdependent path, because in it KW uses the Spiral Dynamics scheme to help the reader to grasp the different stages of human development, both individual and collective from the holonic perspective. In the second chapter we find a real criticism of that path that has taken us both to a new technological stage but also to fragmentation and alienation, the so-called boomeristic movement, with its pathological excess of egocentrism. In the third chapter KW holonic view is presented, with its all-quadrant-all-level framework, but the important thing is that "An integral vision is one of the least pressing issues on the face of the planet" is our educational institutions...that are desperate for a more integral vision. It is our business practices, saturated with fragmented gains, that cry out for a more balanced approach". In the fourth chapter we find the most serious attempt to solve the eternal dualistic struggle between science and religion. IMO, there is still a new emerging type of integral spirituality derived from The Urantia Book that has not yet been taken into account by KW, that has to do with the only serious criticism, and that is very essential if we really want to see the whole picture and truly integrate the magic, the mythic and the rational in everyone of us toward higher stages of spiritual development and at the same time truly honor all stages. In the fifth chapter the KW holonic model is applied to institutions and there is shown what the model is already doing and what can be done for a better planet. In the sixth chapter a general overview of all worldviews is presented and integrated in the holonic model giving us a real graspable and practical map to facilitate our goal toward this new stage of mankind we have already entered. The seventh chapter being the final one, gives us practical recommendations and references to prepare our practice toward the integration of the big three, mind, soul and spirit.

Even if you have read SES, A Theory of Everything will be like a practical manual for the great task of postmodernity, the integration of the Big Three, Science, Philosophy and Spirituality.

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The Spectrum Of

The Spectrum Of Consciousness, Ken Wilber. One of my first quests after becoming familiar with heightened awareness was to bring order and clarity to my newly unfolding states of awareness. Realizing that my former maps of reality were no longer effective I was quite fortunate to discover this encyclopedic treatise by Ken Wilber. Wilber, the father of transcendental psychology, with brilliant clarity, depth, and synthesis explores the nature of consciousness through the seeing of the worlds greatest sages. This tour de force of the mapping of transcendental awareness is both brilliantly conceived and delivered by one of the foremost thinkers of our time. Anyone on the path of enlightenment can not afford to miss studying and assimilating the seeing of Ken Wilber. [Edward Plotkin


From Chapter XI -Always Already: "The Great Inquiry, therefore, when it is clean and complete, results in a suspension of the image-weaving film that normally lies between ourselves and Reality. When this suspension is total it results in a state that Hakuin called Great Fixation (daigi), wherein all thought is suspended and the subject and object become completely identified, marking the destruction of the primary dualism." 

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Ken Wilber - Letter posted to Adi Da community.


TRANSFORMATIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Conventional and Contemplative Perspectives on Development; Ken Wilber, Jack Engler, Daniel P. Brown. Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge trained psychiatrists in conjunction with the incomparable Ken Wilber explore and articulate a linear model of human growth and development. In this volume east and west meet in a carefully formulated expansion of the growing bridge between modern psychology and ancient transcendental wisdom. The value of this exploration lies in the authors in-depth experience and training in traditional western psychological thinking, and in their ability to expound upon the levels of consciousness from the Buddhist psychology and meditation levels. A grand tour of the growing synthesis between eastern and western paradigms of consciousness.[Edward Plotkin


From the back cover: "Drawing on Modern Psychology And Psychiatry, as well as the world's great meditative traditions, this book presents the first "full-spectrum" model of human development--one that includes both the conventional levels of spiritual development. Transformations of Consciousness is a powerful work that could alter the future of consciousness research as well as clinical practice." 


One Taste: The Journals of Ken Wilber
by Ken Wilber
- 368 pages 1 edition (January 2023)
Shambhala Pubns; ISBN: 1570623872 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.31 x 9.25 x 6.22 Sales Rank: 2,893
Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 2


Okay, Ken Wilber fans, you've waited long enough. The intensely private potentate of the integral path has broken his silence and published a year's worth of journal notes. Pull up a chair. You've entered the living room of one of the most intriguing spiritual theorists on the planet. He'll tell you a little about his work schedule, friendships with publishers, artists, and intellectuals, and you'll talk late into the night about bringing together the best parts of all the world's wisdom traditions. Hold on tight, though, because the conversational pace can be dizzying, bouncing from Nagarjuna to Plotinus, Derrida to Nagel, feminism to Zen, psychotherapy to vipassana. And this isn't just superficial soul-babble. Give it a while to sink in. Take a sip of wine. Move on to more expansive talk of higher states of being. Wilber will describe his own meditative experiences and how they relate to his revision of the Great Chain of Being. As daylight breaks, you'll gaze into the early twilight, wondering how you failed to notice all those hidden dimensions within and beyond an otherwise two-dimensional world. --Brian Bruya

This diary of a year in the life of Ken Wilber offers an unprecedented entree into his private world--as well as a further exploration into his essential thoughts on the perennial philosophy.

 Customer Comments
Average Customer Review:
5 out of 5 stars Number of Reviews: 2

A reader from Austin, Texas , February 13, 2023 5 out of 5 stars
Powerfully affecting journeys in and out of illusion's joy.
If you like Wilber's work, you will probably be affected very strongly as you journey through an interesting year with the benefit of an eye that wanders in and out of that year's reality. Wilber certainly does a great job of exploring his work and thinking with us in a well-developed and enjoyable manner. There are some very funny moments, as well as some very touching ones, as he shares events and people with us. You will find yourself meeting many people in public and private life that you would probably love to have over for dinner - dinner and a long conversation. The style of the text breaks things up into "get-able" chunks, and yet the whole thing stays together. What keeps the bits of the book together is also what makes it so profoundly affecting. Interestingly, it is not the book's chronology, but the continually dislocating glances into a way of being in the world that is certainly on the outskirts of most experience, but right at the center of his.

A reader from San Jose, California , January 18, 2023 5 out of 5 stars
The Missing Link!
The personal side of an artist is in some ways more fascinating than his productions. This powerful journal provides the behind the scenes of Ken, You share everything from his highs and lows, to his taste in movies. This more humanized medium of expression proves inspirational as you see the man behind the wizardry of thought. Yes folks, He's human, phew!



We : Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love
by Robert A. Johnson

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Paperback - 224 pages Reprint edition
Harper San Francisco; ISBN: 0062504363 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.54 x 7.98 x 5.32 Sales Rank: 10,930
Avg. Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 2


Editorial Reviews
Library Journal

"WE is unusually well written, clear, and most instructive in its content. It should readily appeal to a wide audience."

If you are unfamiliar with Jungian thought, you will find this book an interesting, clear, and accessible introduction to a model of the mind and culture that can be more personally sustaining than Freud's If you have ever been in love or wished to be, WE is a revealing account of the profound meaning of the experience; it is an exciting map for the journey to greater consciousness."

"For admirers of Jungian interpretation, Johnson's WE is a valuable contribution, a companion piece to Erich Neumann's Amor and Psyche, the classic examination of the role love plays in the psychological growth."

5 out of 5 stars A needed look at why love fails in the West, March 21, 2023
Reviewer: Jim Lyda from Basel, Switzerland
Having succumbed too many times to the call of romantic love (and later paid the price for believing it was authentic love)I found this book to be very helpful in understanding what was happening to me (or should I say what I was doing to myself.) The beauty of Johnson's view is that all the rich and wonderful emotions which arise during romance come from within us, not form the 'loved one.' This realization provides a sense of freedom and diviness which can be honored and brought forwards, in bits and pieces, into all of our relationships. I like the last line from the first review following: "The message here is that human love is attained when one accepts responsibility for his/her own happiness or unhappiness and refrains from living out happiness through another human being." Well said!
5 out of 5 stars Clear and Concise Story of Love, November 28, 2023
Reviewer: mygotta from San Diego, CA
Robert A. Johnson sets up a wonderful analysis of the Arthurian romance of Iseult and Tristan. Each chapter tells a bit of the story, then the author goes into a dialogue on the implications of the story. Also citing other more obscure examples to demonstrate what 'true' love is and what is the 'heat of the moment' love. Scraping the surface of some issues on social commentary in which some of the problems of marriage and relationships in general derive from out not-understanding of what love is. Robert Johnson's best work to date, as well as one his most lengthy titles (by comparison).

AKA Booklist

"WE retells the myth of Tristan and Iseult, one of the earliest romance tales, and uses it as a reference point to explain the essence and meaning of romantic love. Employing Jungian philosophy, Robert A. Johnson uncovers many of the unconscious beliefs about love shared by both sexes and shows how these attitudes are expressed symbolically in the Tristan myth. Lie then breaks down the illusions we often have of love myths in themselves and beautifully redefines what love should and can be. An elegantly constructed, superior inquiry into the psychology of love."

Book Description
Provides an illuminating explanation of the origins and meaning of romantic love and shows how a proper understanding of its psychological dynamics can revitalize our most important relationships.

About the Author
Robert A. Johnson is a world-renowned Jungian analyst, lecturer, and author of many bestselling books, including He, She, We and Inner Work.

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