Guide to the Nagualism of Carlos Castaneda' s don Juan, Tibetan Buddhism, Adi Da, and the mastery of awareness
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Guide to Nagualism, Tibetan Buddhism, Adi Da

Joining the Nagual Ring

A subject very close to the hearts of many people is their spiritual beliefs. Nagual Ring has been created with the hope that people will use it to explore, express and expand their mastery of awareness and their connection with the nagual, the spirit, the ineffable ground of being.  The butterfly, a symbol of transformation, has been chosen for our logo. The nagual Ring is especially dedicated to the wondrous teachings of Carlos Castaneda and his incomparable nagual, don Juan Matus. 

Nagualism sites devoted to self transformation through the mastery of awareness are invited to join the Nagual Ring.

    The term 'sorcery' is inadequate to express what sorcerers do, and so is the term 'shamanism.' The actions of sorcerers are exclusively in the realm of the abstract, the impersonal. Sorcerers struggle to reach a goal that has nothing to do with the quests of an average man. Sorcerers' aspirations are to reach infinity, and to be conscious of it.

    Carlos Castaneda,  
    The Active Side Of Infinity

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What is a webring? A webring is a group of pages linked together through cgi scripting. The pages in the rings have things in common, like hobbies, geographical location, something along those lines. In this case, the subject is nagualism.

 Quality and content criteria for joining the Nagual Ring 

Your site should be of professional design quality, easy to navigate, and have a focus on nagualism. The site must offer information or other resources on nagualism not available elsewhere. There should be more than a single page of nagualism related content. The Nagual Ring code must be added to the main page or another significant nagual content page no more than one click away from the main page. This page cannot be merely a list of links and/or webring logos. The intent of this is to provide content and continuity of the surfing experience for Nagual Ring surfers, and to have all Nagual Ring members equally promoting each others sites.

We are looking for sites that have a lot of content -- lists of links and message boards have their place, but we're primarily concerned with the mastery of awareness through the nagualism of Carlos Castaneda's don Juan for this ring. If your site does not meet all the following requirements, please do not submit it as your application will not be accepted.

1. Please do not submit a page that is only a list of links, and/or merely book lists for sale.

2. Do not submit pages lacking original material and/or containing material infringing Carlos Castaneda's copyright!!

3. Do not submit a site that is whose main topic is not specifically related to the nagualism of Carlos Castaneda's don Juan, or does not yet have nagual related material!

4. Free home page sites (i.e. Geocities, Tripod, AOL, etc.), and forum groups, blogs, discussion groups and/or message boards are not accepted

If at this time you have original nagual content posted at your site submit your site for inclusion in the Nagual Ring! We do not require that your site be in English, all languages are welcome.  Non-English sites please provide, if possible, a brief English summaries for evaluation. You must include your full legal name or site owner's name, and not just a 'handle' with your site submission.

Pages meeting these requirements will be added to the ring. For surfers seeking other ring themes see RingWorld, a subject-oriented guide to Webrings.  

Join the ring!

First register your site with the webring by visiting the Webring site. If your site meets all of the criteria you will be placed in the membership "queue." As soon as possible after your submission the Ringmaster will review the web site to make sure that it meets the requirements for admission to the Nagual Ring.  


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